About us

Find out how it all began, meet the team & see where all the magic happens.

Welcome to LANO Yoga


We met seven years ago when we both ended up in the same Bikram class in Brighton. Like most, hectic lives and frustrating injuries led us through the studio doors in search of ways to heal our bodies and give our minds some TLC too. It didn’t take long before Karl went off to certify as a Bikram teacher, and only six months later Neil decided to follow suit!

For a few years we jet-set around, teaching in different studios, countries and climates. But soon we started to build ideas about a space of our own- a community space, with multiple styles of yoga, from the physically challenging to the fully restorative, that could be a safe, accessible environment for everyone and anyone. And so LANO Yoga was born! In February 2015 we moved into LANO Chichester, and only three years later LANO Southsea arrived.

We are so grateful to all the students and teachers who have helped us build the thriving community that LANO has become, and are incredibly excited to be all evolving together!

Our Studio in


Go through the glass door to the second floor to discover LANO Chichester, a dedicated yoga space with a light and bright studio with capacity for 30 + students. The studio can be heated for the hot classes or not for the unheated ones. There is a community space within the reception and full changing facilities with showers for Ladies and Gents. A perfect city centre space to Look After Number One.

Our Studio in


This prominent space on Elm Grove is like the Tardis! LANO Southsea has two studios; one hot and one not. It has treatment rooms, an outside courtyard, changing facilities for all, a reception area and a community space that we can all be proud of. LANO Southsea really does have an incredible space for all your yoga needs.

Meet the Team

Neil Smith


Bad knees, bad back and a busy mind led me into my first Bikram yoga class. I was scared and totally unaware about what I was about to do. It was not easy, but definitely a unique experience and I wanted to go back. I noticed the benefits and change in my attitude after only a few classes and I couldn’t stop. Just one year later I qualified as a Bikram Teacher and was soon to be teaching in Brighton, Edinburgh and San Francisco. Yoga changed everything for me. Without realising it, I was Looking After Number One.



I started practicing yoga after I stopped working as a professional dancer but wanted to stay fit and healthy. I presumed I would dislike yoga, but an hour in to my first class I got that ‘buzz’ that has never quite stopped since. I lost weight, healed my injured knee, but most importantly I gained a new spring in my step and outlook on life. I love the way yoga continually reestablishes my boundaries, both physically and mentally. For me every day is a “yoga” day whether that is through my own practice, or through teaching – seeing the way peoples bodies and minds change through the practice of yoga.



Kat has been involved in dance and sport from an early age, completing her BA (Hons) in Dance Theatre at the Laban Centre, London in 2000. Introduced to yoga in a gym to supplement her dance training, her formal study began much later with Jana Appleyard in London in 2006. Kat was fortunate to be an apprentice of Jana’s, studying and practicing the Shadow Yoga method for five years.
Kat completed her Yoga Teacher Training in Bali in 2015 with Zuna Yoga which has its roots in Tantra. Her classes follow this system with an emphasis on the breath work, asana, bandha, pranayama and meditation. Carefully and specifically crafting each sequence for a meaningful journey and outcome.
Kat strives to give people the yogic tools to live a happy, healthy, joyful life, to thrive and be a more powerful individual in the world.



My love for yoga began in 2002 whilst on a backpacking trip in Thailand. I found myself in a yoga retreat on a beautiful beach and never looked back. Beach and yoga resonate in my soul, we were meant to be together. Ever since, I have travelled the world exploring and deepening my practice. I spent a year in India, staying in a number of Ashrams and have also practiced in Hawaii, Costa Rica and various other far flung places. In 2006 I handed in my notice as a psychology lecturer to run a windsurf yoga centre in Cabo Verde. Since having children I am now settled here on the South Coast and thoroughly enjoy teaching yoga including ante/postnatal as well as running a yoga teacher training course.



Jacqueline experienced her first yoga class in 1997 whilst at Drama school and has since trained in London (at Triyoga,) India and LA. She studied many styles of yoga including Vinyasa Flow with Shiva Rea, Yin Yoga and Mindfulness with Sarah Powers, Ashtanga with Pattabhi Jois, Restorative with Judith Lasater and Yoga Therapy with TKV Desikachar and Iyengar Yoga.
Jacqueline sees yoga as a wonderful tool to enhance every aspect of life and adapts her yoga classes to cater for all levels of whoever is present. Her goal is that you return home with a healthy body, a peaceful mind and an enlightened spirit. Jacqueline is also a global adventurer and trip leader who has worked on 6 continents and travelled to over 85 countries.



I walked into my first Bikram yoga class in 1997 and nothing in my life was the same afterwards. At first, I was trying to squeeze one or two classes a week into my hectic schedule. The next thing I knew, I was re-arranging my life to accommodate my yoga! I graduated from teacher training in 1999 and have been teaching and practicing throughout the United States and Europe ever since. Yoga is as integral to my life as eating, breathing, and sleeping and I am grateful for its gifts every single day.



Yoga is part of my daily life. I’ve been practising yoga since 1996 and teaching since 2006. It took a while to make sense, repetition over time, but slowly and surely its changed my life. Like so many other people, its helped heal my spine, changed my body, improved my focus, cleared my mind, and opened my heart.
Teaching is a pleasure, I learn something every time and I am constantly inspired by the changes I see in people, the injuries that improve and the incredible focus that develops. All you have to do is turn up.



I have been practicing yoga for nearly 30 years and was trained by the British Wheel of Yoga. I have had many teachers over the years and have been influenced by many styles.
My classes are structured to always include breathing practices, relaxation as well as a well thought out, mix of posture work (flow and static), some for developing strength, some for flexibility, some for balance and some for relaxation. I believe in the saying ‘flexible spine flexible mind’ and aim to take the spine through its full range of movement keeping it healthy and supple. I also like to encourage a sense of fluidity through the whole body, freeing it up so that energy can flow keeping us free from stresses, blockages and restrictions.
My aim is to create a safe relaxing, environment in which people can come to explore their bodies, be with themselves, getting to know their self, have a good move about, stretch and relax.



I’ve been practicing yoga for about eight years and have been active in sport and training all of my life. I love to practice new things including kundalini yoga, animal flow, qi gong and acro yoga. I was inspired to become a yoga teacher by ancient ways of tribal living and the idea of getting back to something we have lost.
I recently explored Peru to learn from the mystical practitioners and shamans of the Andean mountains, to add to the influence I receive from Buddhism and Hinduism. All of this provides me with powerful insights into living a life more connected to each other, to our energy and the planet’s. I am also an NLP coach, which can be used to help us discover any limiting beliefs or conflicts we have in our lives, to understand more about what our values are and for us to realise our full potential. I bring passion and energy to my classes.



I initially decided to try yoga as a way to manage stress and anxiety. My first class was pretty different from what I had anticipated, but above all else I was left intrigued, so I kept going back. Consistently practicing led me to feel stronger in my body and more secure within myself, and though it wasn’t a cure-all for stress and anxiety, it helped me learn how to navigate them in a more manageable way. I am trained in Forrest Yoga, which drew me in as a challenging, therapeutic and ever-evolving practice. It is through this that I hope and aim to create a space in which people can be curious and explore what it means to live in their mind and body.



I’m born Swiss but feel at home all over the world! It was while travelling around India that I first got introduced to this sacred practice on the mat. I was always longing for something physically active so did long distance running, mountain biking, hiking, gym workouts...the list goes on. But besides quieting this inner voice of having to keep “fit & balanced`` while working in an office, it never really fulfilled me.

It was “love at first downward facing dog”, and from that very moment, yoga became my life! For me it is more than just going through the Asanas. I found this space where I can fully integrate my body awareness, explore something new with every inhale and with every exhale...but most important to me, I feel nourished and fully connected to my self. I truly believe that all we need already exists within us and that through Yoga, Meditation, Mindfulness and other tools we can make it our own & take care of ourselves. I’m very excited to join in on your unique journey! Namaste.



The first time I rolled out a yoga mat it was in my room to follow a DVD. I wanted so much to ‘get’ yoga; I ended up getting head rush and knocking my desk over! I will always cherish that feeling of knowing nothing but the movement and the fantastic release at the end of it all. This feeling fuels my practice. I believe there is always more to learn, new ways of being, moving and releasing. I have studied Hatha, Ashtanga, and Yin alongside Jo Phee. Whatever the practice, the common factor is we choose how to move, how to breathe. The choice is yours. Create your yoga and create your life!



Casey attended her first yoga class to support her mother after repeatedly suggesting it would be good for her. Ironically, it was Casey who could not get enough. It was just what she needed - we teach best what we need the most right? Casey found that she loved all styles of yoga and fully dedicated herself to her practice. She was then introduced to Modo Yoga by one of the teachers at LANO and went on to complete her Modo Training (also know as Moksha) in Nicaragua. Casey’s yoga is not just about her practice in the hot room but also the 7 Philosophical Pillars of Modo: Be Healthy; Be Accessible; Live Green; Community Support; Reach Out; Live To Learn and Be Peace.



I came to yoga in 2012 when I was finding work too stressful and I needed a release. Work was all consuming yet unfulfilling. It made me anxious and I needed a way to reconnect to my body. Yoga gave me a sense of empowerment. I felt like I was finally in control of something - my physical being and my mental wellbeing. It restored my confidence and made me feel great. Once I found yoga restored me physically and mentally, I decided to become a teacher to show others they too could find tranquility through yoga. I trained with Triyoga, London and I’m an Anusara inspired yoga teacher. Anusara focuses on the alignment of the body, flowing through sequences and reconnecting you to your breath.