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Welcome to the LANO Yoga

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Here you will find a full range of classes from the LANO teachers. All of the classes you know and love, all in one place, for you you to enjoy when you need.

Together at home with LANO.



Unheated Yin/Restorative style yoga. The postures will be held for a much longer duration than the other classes we offer. This allows for us to work not only our muscles but also deep into our fascia and connective tissue. The long holds help us to find a little more stillness in our minds.


Prana Vayu Meditations

Slow down and explore a variety of meditation and mindfulness techniques, pranayama and breath work in combination with gentle movement to help ease the body. Restorative and nourishing, this class will be made accessible to everyone and will be a great path in for anyone looking to start exploring these practices.


Rise & Reset

Meditations, breath-work and easeful movement to start your day with.



Vinyasa based class – movement linked with breath, working from one posture smoothly in to the next. The heat is off (though never a cold room) as you provide your own heat with the continuous movement.



A classic hatha yoga class focusing on breathing practices, relaxation as well as posture work (flow and static). A great all around class to develop strength, flexibility and balance. With a strong focus on alignment and overall form of the postures.



The original hot yoga, previously known as Bikram Yoga, this is a class comprising of 26 postures and 2 breathing exercises. Developed in the 1970s with Western lifestyles and bodies in mind, it is heavily inspired by the Ghosh lineage of yoga as taught by Bishnu Ghosh. This series systematically works through the whole body inside and out while the heat provides a safer working environment to release tension in the body. This class is especially great for people working with injuries and ailments.



An inspiring, grounding and deeply healing yoga practice. Guided by the breath, this intelligent sequencing will build your flexibility and strength while relieving tension. Forrest Yoga is taught at a temperature between 25-30 degrees and has a strong focus on core strength. Expect to; work with postures unique to this style, breathe deep, hold the poses for that tad bit longer, release stress and truly connect to your self with compassion and interest. Suitable for those working with injuries, it is a therapeutic practice both emotionally and physically.


Yoga For Runners

Are you treading the pavements more often? Looking to find that stretch for your hamstrings, or a recovery practice for your hip flexors? Find Yoga for runners in all styles to suit you.



Yoga is for everyone and at LANO we want to make sure no one is missing out. ‘Gentle’ is a class specifically designed for those students who want to move slow and mindfully. Poses are broken down so that they are safe and accessible.