Experience massage with Danielle, designed to melt away muscle tension, improve circulation, boost your mood and generally help you feel better.

A bespoke combination of Swedish Deep Tissue, Indonesian & Heated Lava Shell.

30-90 Minutes
Only at LANO Yoga Southsea
Price ranging from £24 – £85

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Massage Types – Danielle

Danielle offers a bespoke combination of Swedish, Deep Tissue, Indonesian and Heated Lava Shell techniques to melt away muscle tension, improve circulation, boost your mood and generally help you feel better.


A combination of adjusted pressures and techniques to make this a bespoke treatment for your individual requirements. From relaxed and calm to invigorated and enlivened, muscle tension and knots will be relived and the lymphatic system boosted

Lava Shell Massage

Lava Shells are the worlds first naturally self heating massage tool, genuine tiger clam shells gently heat up to melt away any muscle tension your body is feeling today giving a 100% natural and unique massage experience.

Indonesian Massage

This complete treatments works on clearing the energy lines with deep massage techniques. The massage starts dry then warming oil is applied. This powerful combination will leave you uplifted, recharged and is an effective way to release the stress of daily life. Danielle recommends a course of 3 treatments over 9 weeks for the best results 90 min including stomach.

Foot & Leg massage

Reflex points are used to relax and unblock energy channels that end in the foot, simultaneously relaxing and easing tension throughout the entire body.

Stomach Massage

Massaging the abdominal area can be extremely beneficial for cleansing the body and help to relax the mind. This can be added onto any treatment or done on its own.

Meet Danielle

“The concept of “Look After Number One” really resonates with me, we rush around in life so much and we do not take time to enjoy the process let alonestop and feel how it is affecting us. I have always thought that Yoga and massage can work hand in hand, yoga helps to strengthen the body and keep it flexible as well clearing the mind and aiding relaxation. I believe that massage can do the same. So by offering massage to students can only help their yoga practice.”

Only at Lano Southsea