Experience massage with our therapists, designed to melt away muscle tension, improve circulation, boost your mood and generally help you feel better. We also offer Osteopathy which promotes and maintain physical wellbeing whilst focusing mainly on cranial and soft tissue work.

30-90 Minutes
Only at LANO Yoga Southsea
Price ranging from £28 – £85

*If booking for a same day treatment please call the Studio to ensure that the Therapist is available

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Massage Types – Danielle

Danielle offers a bespoke combination of Deep Tissue, Indonesian and Heated Lava Shell techniques to melt away muscle tension, improve circulation, boost your mood and generally help you feel better.


A combination of adjusted pressures and techniques to make this a bespoke treatment for your individual requirements. From relaxed and calm to invigorated and enlivened, muscle tension and knots will be relived and the lymphatic system boosted

Lava Shell Massage

Lava Shells are the worlds first naturally self heating massage tool, genuine tiger clam shells gently heat up to melt away any muscle tension your body is feeling today giving a 100% natural and unique massage experience.

Indonesian Massage

This complete treatments works on clearing the energy lines with deep massage techniques. The massage starts dry then warming oil is applied. This powerful combination will leave you uplifted, recharged and is an effective way to release the stress of daily life. Danielle recommends a course of 3 treatments over 9 weeks for the best results 90 min including stomach.


Reiki is a non-invasive Japanese healing technique that works with the chakras and endocrine system and improves the natural flow of energy around the body. Reiki is a powerful tool for accelerating healing and promoting well-being. Reiki works on both an emotional and physical level by clearing blocked and stagnant energy in the body.


Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to the feet following a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet. Reducing stress and tension in the feet will interupt the stress signal in the rest of body and will reset the body’s equilibrium, creating homeostasis.

Meet Danielle

“The concept of “Look After Number One” really resonates with me, we rush around in life so much and we do not take time to enjoy the process let alonestop and feel how it is affecting us. I have always thought that Yoga and massage can work hand in hand, yoga helps to strengthen the body and keep it flexible as well clearing the mind and aiding relaxation. I believe that massage can do the same. So by offering massage to students can only help their yoga practice.”

Only at Lano Southsea

Massage Types – Maxine

Maxine’s approach as a wellbeing expert is a holistic journey. She explores internal well-being as well as external beauty and believes that skin care and well-being should be part of your life style.


Be prepared for an experience and journey in to a state of blissfulness. Each Facial uses REN skin care products, Maxine’s magic hands so her clients say, and jade crystals work together in perfect synergy to help you achieve and maintain beautiful, healthy skin. Whatever your skin needs, Maxine will tailor the treatment so you leave with radiant, glowing skin, feeling loved and truly pampered.


By working on calming down the central nervous system, and combining a fusion of different therapies, inspired from Maxine’s travels around the world, she will take you on a deeply relaxing healing journey. An indulgent full body treatment, combining acupressure and Thai massage techniques, to detoxify, improve blood circulation, remove blockages and relax & invigorate. This is a unique rebalancing treatment suited to your individual needs.

Pre Natal Pregnancy Massage

Maxine will take you and baby on a wonderful deep relaxing journey. A complete relaxing full body massage to reduce common maternity stress by stimulating blood circulation, reducing lower body water retention and relieving lower leg muscle stress. This massage uses safe but effective pre-natural techniques to relax the whole being as well as that beautiful bump. Only available after the first trimester.

Natural Face Lift

An uplifting face work out, to lift, tone and sculpt the face. This treatment is a skin workout that acts as a natural face lift that helps lift, tone and relieve muscle tension, puffiness and fine lines. It also improves the skins complexion. leaving you with that glowing complexion, whilst preventing and reducing facial wrinkles.

Meet Maxine

” I am a holistic, organic therapist and Yoga teacher. Through feeling rather then thinking about what the body or face needs, I design bespoke treatment plans, combining my passion for holistic therapy and well-being with high quality customer service beliefs.


Meet Elaine

Osteopath  – Elaine

Elaine Elkington has been working as an Osteopath in Southsea and London since qualifying from the European School of Osteopathy in 2000.

Concession rates are available and can be viewed on Elaines website:


Osteopathy aims to restore, promote and maintain physical wellbeing using a range of techniques. Elaine’s approach is mainly with cranial and soft tissue work which is gentle and effective. Manipulation and articulation techniques are used as needed.

” During the last six years I have been attending an annual study course in Traditional Osteopathy (Biodynamics) with Christian Sullivan and regularly meet with my lovely colleagues as a study group to further develop my skills. I also see my own Osteopath, Robert Lever, regularly to keep me fit and well. I work with babies and the elderly and all ages in between! I love working in what is a truly holistic approach to healthcare and consider myself very lucky to have osteopathy in my life.”




Massage Types – Cristian

Cristian offers a mix of abilities and techniques when it comes to massage therapy, combining ancient methods from Asia as Acupressure, Qi gong /Rei ki and also modern aspects of deep tissue massage therapy.


Helping invigorating and rehabilitating your body and energies will be crucial when it comes down to your massage treatment. Treating muscle issues, pain, stress relief, low mood and postural deficiencies. Your treatment will be in accordance to your needs and requirements making it suitable to remedy your body symptoms and well-being.

Meet Cristian

” I have been working for 30 years in the fields of Mind Body and Recovery. I have also been teaching and studying for many years in China (Wudang Shan, Taoist Temples, Hunan Province) Tai Chi, Qi gong, Meditation, Dao Yin Yoga and Massage Therapy. My treatments have allowed me to work with a variety of clients including Sport athletes. My massage therapy is beneficial for treat meant of repetitive strains, muscular issues, postural issues and sports injuries. I also graduated with a Distinction in the UK Massage therapy course in 2014.