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Welcome back Casey!

By 2nd March 2016June 10th, 2021One Comment

Casey attended her first LANO yoga class almost 12 months ago to support her mother after repeatedly suggesting it would be good for her. Ironically, it was Casey who could not get enough of yoga. It was just what SHE needed. Casey found that she loved all the styles that LANO offered and fully dedicated herself to her practice. Casey was introduced to Modo yoga by one of the teachers at LANO and recently completed her Modo (also known as Moksha in Canada) training in Nicaragua. Modo is a unique hot yoga series that combines the precision of therapeutic yoga and the foundations of traditional yoga in a specially heated room. The series is a cardiovascular workout that strengthens, tones and loosens the muscles, while calming the mind and reducing stress. Casey’s yoga is not just about practice in the hot room but also the 7 philosophical pillars of Modo: Be Healthy; Be Accessible; Live Green; Community Support; Reach Out; Live To Learn and Be Peace. 

Casey is a goldsmith (specialising in concept jewellery) with a keen eye for detail and precision. She studies contemporary poetry. She weaves both these passions throughout her practice.

Look out for more from Casey in the LANO studio over the next few weeks.


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  • jaimie sinfield says:

    So pleased KC (without the band 😉 ) found her place with LANO, because she has been an integral part of my education and growth. I love her Hot MODO class and would recommend it to everyone. I feel her classes although challenging, are much more spiritual than say the Hot 60 Bikram classes, which are excellent in themselves. Thanks KC for your understanding and teachings.